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1. System determines tax from (Choose the correct answer)


2. Which transaction code is used to Control Credit to the Customer? (Choose the correct answer)


3. Account number of vendor is created at? Choose the correct answer.


4. SAP FI Accounts Receivable component records and manages accounting data of all customers. It is also an integral part of sales management. (True or False)


5. Posting key of a line item controls? (One or more correct answers)


6. Segment is derived from? Choose the correct answer.


7. What is the highest organizational unit which usually perform dunning? (Choose the correct answer)


8. The cross-company code transaction number is not a combination of: (Choose the correct answer)


9. Duplication of the entries can be avoided by using? Choose one or more answer


10. While creating a sample account, following information may be entered (Choose the correct answer)


11. If we are using the same chart of account in more than one company code (Choose the correct answer)


12. What are the standard stages of the SAP payment run? (True or False)

Ans: Entering of parameters- Proposal Scheduling-Payment booking- Printing of payment forms


13. What is it validation? One or more is correct


14. Retained earnings account is ______ (Choose the correct answer)


15. You can post transactions to an account in any currency only if (Choose the correct answer)


16. Your customer wants payment to be netted off between customer of his company who is also a vendor, how can a configuration be done for the same? (One or more answers are correct)


17. Combination of Hide and required for a field under different field status variants for a account will result in? (Choose the correct answer)


18. When all the scenarios are updated in a ledger, the following fields gets updated in GL ledger? (Choose the correct answer)


19. T-Code for Accounts receivable open items is FBL3N. (True or False)


20. What is posting key and what does it control? (Choose the correct answer)


21. Posting in a G/L account is controlled by (Choose the correct answer)


22. What are the options in SAP for Fiscal years? Choose the correct answer.


23. Several company codes can use the same chart of accounts, although they have different charts of depreciation (Choose the correct answer)


24. Field status group is mainly used for? (Choose the correct answer)


25. How many levels the GL account master record have and what are they? (Choose the correct answer)


26. Which of the following are required settings for foreign currency valuation? (Choose the correct answer)


27. What are the components of r3 system with respect to three tier architecture? (Choose the correct answer)


28. Duplication of the entries can be avoided by using? (One or more answers is correct)


29. Transaction Code for customization (Choose the correct answer)


30. Different company codes can be linked to one chart of depreciation (FI – AM) (Choose the correct answer)


31. What are one-time vendors? (Choose the correct answer)


32. Which object has to be used to avoid a change of reconciliation account in the customer’s master data? Choose the correct answer.


33. Depreciation postings can be executed (Choose the correct answer)


34. Phases of SAP Implementation Project: (Choose the correct answer)


35. (FI-AM) Where do you define the reconciliation account that will be used by an asset? (Choose the correct answer)


36. Tolerance groups are applied for? (Choose the correct answer)


37. The posting peroid can be defined for each:(Choose the correct answer)


38. OBD4 is used to define? (Choose the correct answer)


39. (Organizational Structures] Which chart of accounts is always required? (Choose the correct answer)


40. What identifies which of the account types will be permitted on particular document? There are 2 correct answers to this questions.


41. Postings in a company code are done in G/L account of (Choose the correct answer)


42. Which of the following task types are supported by the Closing Cockpit or Schedule Manager? (Choose three)


43. In SAP FI what are the organizational elements? (Choose the correct answer)


44. Each G/L account code in group COA can be mapped to following no. of account codes in operating COA (Choose the correct answer)


45. Which object has to be used to avoid a change of reconciliation account in the customer’s master data? (Choose the correct answer)


46. Which of the following are process dimensions of SAP business workflow? (Choose the correct answer)


47. The Views Maintained For Vendor Master Data Are (Choose the correct answer)


48. Every company code can have following combinations as chart of accounts (COA) (Choose the correct answer)


49. Type or paste your text here ton sap installation which of the following client/clients are made by default? (Choose the correct answer)


50. What is the purpose of account determination? (Choose the correct answer)


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