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    ✅Course specially designed for beginners with no prior knowledge

    ✅Learn from basics 

    ✅Exposure to highly interactive elements to help you understand the subject easily

    ✅Real life examples to help you relate efficiently and practically ed

    ✅Exam preparation like no other

    Why should you Learn German Language from Zenfotec Solution?

    These days, the German language is a trending course and becomes mandatory to learn the German language especially if you have plans to study or to find a job in Germany. Several German universities provide quality higher education, at times free of cost or even a scholarship for higher studies and lest you forget, a good number of job opportunities that pays handsomely in Germany. So, investing your time in adding an invaluable skill set i.e., of German Language to your personality and in your resume will be a one time and compounding bearing investment to your career.

    Zenfotec Solutions is one of the esteemed institutes in Bangalore which has a proven track record of quality training across various IT courses since 2017. Apart from training on Spoken English, Zenfotec; now has also integrated German Language Classes in their offerings. Zenfotec Solutions has partnered with Goethe Certified Trainers with industry experience to provide exceptional training to its candidates. German Language Course in Bangalore is for people of all ages. The institute has weekday as well as weekend German classes for working professionals.

    The proficiency in the German language expands your job openings with the European Companies in Abroad and India. The activity-based methods used for training are interesting, fulfilled and emphasizes more focus on ensuring your fluency with the German language.

    We prepare you to read, write, speak, listen and learn the grammar of the German language across several levels – A1B2.

    German Language Course in Bangalore is designed to prepare you to write certification exams.

    The levels followed at Zenfotec Solutions are: 👇

    German Language Classes A1 Level

    Candidates who do not have any previous knowledge of German Language and for those who are looking to write the Goethe Zertificat A1.


    German Language A2 Level

    Candidates who have cleared their A1 Level German Language Zertificat Exam within the last 6 months and are interested in  writing the A2 Zertificat Exam


    German Language B1 Level Zenfotec

    Candidates who have cleared their A2 Level German Language Zertificat Exam within the last 6 months and are interested in  writing the B1 Zertificat Exam


    German Language B2 Level Zenfotec

    Candidates who have cleared their B1 Level German Language Zertificat Exam within the last 6 months and are interested in  writing the B2 Zertificat Exam

    • It is the Beginner’s Level course.
    • Learn Alphabets, Numbers and Pronunciation
    • The entire course covers theme-based topics.
    What to expect after completion of this course?
    • After completion of the course, you can confidently introduce yourself in German.
    • You can conduct the basic conversations in day-to-day life in Germany.
    • Making an Appointment in German becomes easy.
    • Ordering Food in Cafes and Restaurants.
    • Conversations in a supermarket or a shopping mall
    • Understanding Announcements at Railway Stations or Airports
    • You can plan different events like vacations, birthdays and organize parties.
    • You will be able to give commands, orders and instructions.
    • Asking for and giving information at different places like railway stations or airports.
    • Asking the Way and Giving Directions
    • With A1 level, it becomes easier to spend a short period of time in Germany.
    • It is the Elementary Level or The Upper Beginner Level
    • Duration of this course is 45-50 hours.
    • One can understand Sentences and Frequently used Expressions
    • This course offers an understanding on Common
    • Topics which enables one to make him/ herself understood in simple, routine situations.
    • It includes core structure and grammar that will take your German to the next level.
    • Entire course focuses on Theme Based Topics

    What to expect after completion of this course?

    • One can easily conduct Conversations at Railway Stations or Offices
    • Read and Understand Simple Texts
    • Framing simply Connected Texts
    • Answering “Why” Questions
    • Talking about Cause and Effect (i.e when- then Sentences)
    • Comparing different things
    • Be able to Express Yourself Politely in Formal Situations
    • It is the intermediate level after which one can fluently express him/herself in German.
    • It is the basic requirement for most of the Germany based organizations and Universities.
    • It is an extension of A1 and A2 Levels after which one can frame Sentences with Advanced Grammar Structure
    What to expect after completion of this course?
    • You will learn to frame complexly connected Texts
    • This course offers Wider Range of Situations and Vocabulary.
    • One learns to Use the Language in Everyday and Professional Situations
    • The offers variety of interesting topics for Discussion
    • One learns to Describe Experiences, Events, Dreams, Hopes and Ambitions
    • Ability to briefly give Opinions
    • Certificate is widely recognized by employers as sufficient evidence of Proficiency in German
    • Improves the Chances of Success on Job Market
    • It is the upper intermediate level. The course begins with an introduction to the easier part of German B2 Grammar.
    • This course Consists of B2.1 and B2.2
    • It covers Large Variety of Topics
    • One can learn more about the German culture through idioms and quotes.
    • Discussing Difficult Topics and Work-Related Issues
    • Understanding the Formal Texts in Journals and Newspapers
    • Discussions on Themes like Politics, Economy, Technology, People and Relationships, Environment and several other Topics.
    • You will Get the Command of Language after successfully completing it.
    • Learn to state Personal Views and Opinions in both Formal and Informal environment.
    • Learn to Discuss, Analyze and Interpret different Texts
    • Explaining Yourself on a wide range of Topics in a detailed Manner
    • After completion, you will be able to lead a fluent and spontaneous Conversation with a Native Speaker
    • Understanding specialized Discussions
    • Certificate serves as a proof in Public, Professional and Educational Situations

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    Why Choose Zenfotec Solutions for German Language Classes?

    👉 We provide German Classes online and in-classroom sessions

    👉 Activity-based learning methods used and Conversation practice with peers

    👉 More focus on speaking 

    👉 Experienced Goethe Certified trainers

    👉 Small groups in classroom sessions

    👉 Special sessions for doubts and queries

    👉 Regular feedback and review

    👉 Customized classes are also available


    Why Zenfotec Solutions is the best German Language Institute In Bangalore?

    Learn German online from the comfort of your home or walk-in in our classroom for offline sessions in Bangalore for more intensive and interactive learning experience. Our German language training institute in Bangalore will help you to speak like the 100 million native Germans. German Classes in Bangalore near Electronic City .


    Accreditations Acquired



    You need to contact Zenfotec Solutions Office to find a suitable batch.

    Yes, we do provide demo class.

    While most classes are taught in German, there are opportunities to study in Germany & in English

    We have small groups of 8 to 10 students that enroll in German Course in Bangalore.

    We have trained teachers who are certified and also provide classes with native speakers.

    Zenfotec Solutions provides German Language Course in Bangalore for all ages. Kids of the age of 4 years can also participate in a German language course.

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    Zenfotec SAP SD Student

    I joined Zenfotec to take training for SAP SD. My overall experience is good. The knowledge and guidance provided by Sandip sir and Sunny sir is very helpful to me. Thank you.

    Anirudh Shrivastava

    Systems Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services

    Saurabh SAP MM Candidate

    Attended SAP MM course here. Sandip Sir's knowledge on SAP MM / S4HANAN is outstanding. All doubts are clarified. The Zenfotec team will also assist with SAP certification process. 

    Saurabh Sengupta

    Software Engineer at Tech Mahindra