Public Workshops

Our public workshop service in Bangalore help you to arrange various IT based and non-IT based workshops to render awareness about certain agenda.

All our open-house workshops are conducted at the premises arranged by us, by the best professionals in the business with real time work experience, our delivery is consistent and in line with industry requirements.

Our workshops are customized specifically for corporate requirements and place more emphasis on knowledge transfer. Each topic is covered from a practical perspective to help you improve in your work environment. Instructor will guide the attendees on industry best practices related to the topic being taught, as well as provide real-world examples on solving problems using the techniques being discussed in the class.

Zenfotec has comprehensive set of training offerings on various IT and non-IT Subjects. Contact Us for details about the upcoming Workshops.

We run scheduled, Public/Open-house training programs – in our Corporate Learning Centre – on a diverse range of high-end, complex technologies, methodologies and products. These are shared courses, aimed at individual Developers/IT Professionals or participants from Corporates. Click here to contact us to know about the Currently Scheduled Classes.

Corporates stand to benefit in a number of ways by sending their team to our Public/Open-house Training courses:

Train small batches on shoe-string budget – where there’s not enough numbers to either make it cost-effective or justify the rigour of organising an in-house training.

“Nominate and Forget” – Save time and rigour of training planning, managing, admin and delivery, without compromising on the quality of the training.

Business Continuity – we ensure guaranteed delivery of training – on-schedule!

Flexibility of after-office hours training for teams/individuals who cannot attend training on working days.

Since projects and delivery deadlines cannot wait, it’s difficult to take the whole team out for training at the same time.. Public/Open-house training provides the flexibility to train few team members at a time, enabling the whole team over several batches – without the cost of running multiple training batches!

Exposure to diverse perspectives on technology use – with participants from different background and/or organisations in the same class, Public/Open-house workshops attract diverse discussions and use-case examples in the class – helping your team explore and benefit from how others are using the technology.